R401 Spyderlok Rod Pod


  • All anodized aluminum construction, low glare finish
  • Great for salt or fresh water
  • Smooth and easy pole angle adjustment
  • Easy two knob removal
  • Mounting plate is flush with carpet – no more stubbed toes
  • No tools necessary for use
  • Our patented Spyderlok technology insures tight secure locking angles
  • Mounts with either the R-101 or TS series track system
  • Useful ridge in rod holder bottom to prevent rod turning
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Durable rubber boot to protect rod handle
  • Large tubes make it easy to remove the rod, even with a fish
  • Swivels 360 degrees and 180 degrees vertical
  • Makes pulling planer boards a breeze
  • 1 year warranty

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Perfect solution for a hands-free hold on a single rod. The inventive SpyderLok design keeps the rod in place with secure locking angles, whether you’re on a freshwater lake or cruising the salty ocean. It swivels a complete 360 degrees and 180 degrees vertical for ultimate versatility and adjustability. No tools necessary. The anodized aluminum construction, coupled with the low glare finish and stainless steel hardware, makes this product lightweight and durable additions to any boat. A durable rubber boot protects the rod handle, while the large tubes makes it easy to remove the rod. The design makes pulling planer boards a breeze for anglers alike.


Model #:R-401-00
Size: 14.5”L / 6.5”W / 2.5”H
Material: Anodized Aluminum